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Valedictory Session initiative of Mr. Mohammadi Zadeh
Valedictory Session initiative of Mr. Mohammadi Zadeh was pretty merits. Mr. Mohammadi Zadeh says this is not to say that today have noticed or have anything to say when the President of the administrator of the Environmental to say did not . That seems to be more true.
But the responsibility is not only accepts but also with his own group of friends and vote together to bring intellectuals to work in this organization. Pydaast saying they would surely and certainly
Environmental Health Unit in the same three universities have Ngzranydh. What can I expect? What must be said. Perhaps this was the best they travel and not here. These trips - mostly foreign trips have been twice each month - Hsnsh for environmental myriad imagine them all the time and hey Srkarshan be decided and circulated anti- environment were issued.
He and his team at the valedictory session Hvvvv hang out and talk and cry was Hzarmvajh Khvdgvyay service! "Alloy" and "devoted" to them.
Records indicating assignment of incalculable darkness institutional areas, stay off organizations and responsibilities in the maintenance, conservation and development in four areas, and forgiveness afford the catastrophic Sorkhehesar Bamu the bowl, Boojagh, ...... (Masnavi Seventy Ben Kaghzast)
and mismanagement of the nation went to the floor. Licensing rights to predators (mainly in the meat entrust them to the cat and she had a routine that everywhere was applied, and pillaged the island to launch industry Ashuradeh hot bread, hot roast noodle soup and corn sales Mexican!!!!
Mr. Mohammadi Zadeh You do not have to say a word, but they are lovers of the environment.

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