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Success of restoration projects in the Russian Caucasus leopard, leopard mother was transferred from Iran
Sbzprs report, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) report that after the birth of two leopard cubs in July (July) on the Sochi National Park, two other leopard cubs were born at the park Persian leopard breeding center.

Mother of two leopard cubs of tigers is a substance that in May 1389 and the exchange of two Siberian Tiger Park Pardisan Tehran with Iranian Dvplng was transferred to Russia . Father of two leopard cubs, the male leopard is one of Vladimir Putin during consultations with the authorities in Turkmenistan, the country had been transferred to Sochi.

"Smyvnvf life," says center director breeding and reintroducing the Persian leopard in Sochi: "The truth is, childbirth wild leopard in captivity is considered a great success on the Russian experts Myvd and we reached the conclusion & zwnj , we are very pleased. »

Mother of two panther cubs were born in July, leopard material that had been born in captivity if the Panthers substance that has recently given birth, the mesh of northern Iran.

Successful regeneration projects in the Russian leopards, Siberian tigers, while seven months after the exchange of Iranian tigers, tigers died of glanders disease and also since then encapsulate the Tiger Zoo near Tehran is maintained. To date, EPA officials have not released the news on the status of tigers.

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