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The goal of sustainable development and tourism; Festival "Journey to crow habitat B" was held
According to Sbzprs, the festival's twenty-fourth and twenty-sixth of September, with the cooperation of the province and the Environmental Protection Administration of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism and Tourism was held in the city anymore, with the goal of sustainable development.

"Hamid Zhraby» Director General of the province with reference to the interests of environmental protection and sustainable nature tourism for local communities living in marginal habitat, said creating a source of income for local communities in areas such as tourism management, the Environmental Protection can be done better takes.

She continued, according to the organization of tourism, the natural attractions are in fifth place. This is a unique place that can be followed by many social and economic value, but the statistics show that the share of tourism's contribution is not significant.

Zhraby said general ecotourism industry, an industry that can also adapt the environment to create a good income. In today's world where polluting industries such as steel, automobiles, petrochemicals and chemicals are causing numerous problems for human healthy living, green industries such as ecotourism industry can find any better Rvzjaygah.

"Blond raven" or "crow desert" is the scientific name Podoces pleskei Klaghyan bird of the family. This bird is very different to other relatives of the crow, crow Howe. Buff colored terracotta and when alarmed prefers running to flying. Unlike boron crow crows, it is a happy sound.

The bird in desert and semi-desert East and South East, particularly in Iran, Semnan, Yazd and Khorasan lives and the only bird endemic to Iran. However, in recent years Afghanistan has been reported in the West, but the blond blue native birds observed, is doubtful.

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