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Plan your activities Ratshryh Khojier Ban said.
Project Khojier Watch the 2 years, described his actions for government officials and rural residents. fifth meeting in December in the village mosque Kmsh garden located in the protected area Jajrud collaboration with public participation office environment department of Tehran held.
At this meeting, the Director General of Tehran Province Environmental Heydarzadeh doctor in charge of the Department of Conservation Corps, Tehran Province Environmental Consultants General Manager, Director of National Parks and Sorkhehesar Khojier, office manager of public participation, and some experts provincial environment department, Representatives from the Governor, prefect ROUDEHEN responsible for the promotion of natural resource management, some local school administrators, officials, mobilizing rural health center representatives, members of local organizations formed by rural Khojier plan ban, council representatives and representatives of villages covered Khojier Watch Pasargad Bank participated.
, was predicted that due to his presence in Tehran air pollution emergency meeting, this matter was not possible.
Watch Khojier plan to create the necessary participation of the citizens and residents Jajrood the protection of national parks and protected areas Jajrud Khojier and Sorkhehesar of November 1390 as Pama has been implemented by a voluntary association. The goal of this project awareness and participation of local people in conservation and attention to the wants and needs of the people to establish this partnership. In order to Pama Forum 2 consecutive years in a number of villages in the area to organize local residents to take action and creative practices in rural schools, students environmental protection and rural development is concerned. Rural councils cooperate with local organizations for rural development thinking and numerous workshops with villagers, local organizations and councils made up of other projects in the past two years has been Khojier clock.
Appreciating the efforts 2 Pama-year active member of the Project Khojier Ladies Watch Pantea Ardany, Frkhnaz Ardany tidings Smart, N. Goudarzi, journalist and Faizabad Mitra Alborzi manners that run Watch Khojier designs were tried.

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